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kwon-sit  hut

/ˈkwɑnsət ˌhʌt/

definition: a semi cylindrical metal shelter having end walls, usually serving as a barracks, storage shed, or the like, developed for the U.S. military forces from the British Nissen hut at Quonset NavalBase in Rhode Island.

We would like to add "custom home" to that list...


One of the best alternatives to a traditionally framed (and expensive) wood structure, is an arched steel structure often referred to as a Quonset Hut.  Even thought not often considered "residential" in nature, if you are one to color outside the lines (like we are), then this may be an ideal way for you to re-define your idea of "home" in a very cool, modern, and efficient way.


The "semi cylindrical" arch is the most efficient and structurally sound shape on earth, invented by the Romans and originally built out of brick or stone... later modified to steel by the British and USA armed forces.   Combined with the long term reduced maintenance of not having shingles or significant exterior finishes, the steel arch can create some dramatic interior spaces and a unique living experience.  


Architecturally, the design can be anything outside the "traditional" box: modern, industrial, heavy timber "craftsman"... the world is your oyster.  This is NOT your mom's Cape Cod.  The interior spaces can feature dramatic 2-story spaces with immense day lighting opportunities, and the structural shape can be exposed to create unique interior spaces you simply can not achieve with traditional wood framed structures.  Most jurisdictions require structural and architectural drawings to verify all local codes are met, but it is one of the few structures you could build yourself without the assistance of a team of professional wood-framing experts.  The ultimate "do it yourself" project. 

quonset home.JPG

We are currently working on a Quonset Home by US Metal Buildings for a Winston-Salem family.  Stay tuned for project information as the design continues. 


Click on the Houzz Idea Book below to view our Houzz profile full of Quonset Home ideas.

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